Choosing a personal injury lawyer

Clients typically find personal injury lawyers by talking to someone they know or by searching on the web. While those methods are good at finding lawyers, they don’t really help you choose one. Whenever I get asked to give my advice on choosing a personal injury lawyer, my response is always the same – be a good consumer. Don’t just hire the first one you call.

There are as many lawyers out there as people who need them and they are not all the same. Some are really smart, or really impressive, or really confident…or really not. A great website and an expensive address don’t always lead to the best result. Picking one who will be a good fit for you and your legal issue requires leg work.

Here are my tips on finding the right lawyer for your personal injury case:

  • Call at least three to vet your case. Speaking to more than one will give you an idea of your case’s strength and likelihood of success. Not every lawyer gets it the first time you describe it.
  • Speak to the lawyer, not the staff person who “intakes all cases.” While many lawyers have great staff, it is the lawyer who makes the decisions and sets the strategy for resolving your personal injury claim.
  • Pick the one you like. There’s a chance you will be working with this person for some time, so pick one you get along with.

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