Knowing When to Say “When,” When it Comes to Your Medical Treatment

I’m often asked by clients, when should they cease receiving medical care for injuries related to their claim. My response is always the same: “What does your doctor, say?”

These days everyone and their dog has an opinion as to whether your medical treatment is working.  But when your medical treatment is tied to a personal injury claim, you should only have eyes for your medical professional (physician).

Yes, we all know our bodies better than the doctors do, but doctors know how the bodies work better than we do. They understand that certain types and durations of treatment can mean the difference between returning to your old self, and learning to live with the pain.

When you come to them to determine whether ongoing treatment is working, you can’t always see the progress. Many times you will feel like there is none, and others like you have gotten back to normal in record time.  Progress is tough to measure when you are the subject of the progress.

Take the time to discuss your recovery with your doctor, and not your lawyer, or your aunt Bessie…unless Bessie has a medical degree.

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