Seattle Road Rage Accidents Lawyer

If you or someone you love was the victim of Seattle road rage accidents, you need to get legal advice right away. Aggressive driving and acts of violence are illegal and those who cause harm due to road rage must be held accountable. While the criminal justice system can prosecute drivers who behave unsafely due to rage, it is up to victims and their loved ones to pursue a civil claim to get the money they need to pay for accident losses. An experienced Seattle car accident attorney can help those who have been harmed.

How Can an Attorney Help After Seattle Road Rage Accidents

Collision victims can pursue a case to obtain compensation for both economic and non-financial losses resulting from collisions. However, it is up to victims to successfully make demands of insurers or file civil lawsuits, and it is up to victims to prove they should be compensated. One essential element of making a case for compensation is proving another driver was at fault for causing a collision as a result of a safety rules violation or as a result of unreasonable negligence behind the wheel.

Motorists who cause collisions due to road rage are not reasonable and are not following the rules of the road. Tailgating, driving aggressively, passing on the wrong side of the road and striking other vehicles are just a few of the dangerous ways that road rage can manifest. These and other behaviors can cause serious collisions, and an attorney will provide assistance to victims of these crashes in gathering the evidence they need.

Witness statements, police reports, and testimony from accident reconstruction specialists can all be invaluable in proving a crash was due to road rage. An attorney will put victims in connection with a strong network of experts, and will obtain necessary witness testimony and police evidence.  Armed with proof of how the crash happened, a lawyer can help victims of Seattle road rage accidents to fight for fair compensation through a negotiated settlement or a jury trial.

Victims Rights After Road Rage Collisions

Victims of any car crash can be compensated for past and future medical expenditures; loss of earning potential and wages; pain and discomfort; emotional distress; and loss of their quality of life due to the crash. In cases of road rage, motorists who cause crashes are especially culpable because they allowed their anger to get the best of them and behaved in a way that puts others at risk.

Victims can sue to fight for their right to compensation and insurers may agree to settle cases outside of court. Victims, however, must ensure they do not accept a settlement offer or sign any liability releases until they have spoken with a legal professional about the value of their injury claim. A settlement is permanent, once it has been signed, and victims may not pursue additional compensation after accepting a settlement offer.

Getting Legal Assistance After Seattle Road Rage Accidents

When you or someone you love was hurt by road rage, it is devastating because the crash was likely preventable. Contact an experienced road rage accident attorney in Seattle to protect your rights and to get help fighting to ensure you have the money you need to pay your bills and move on after the accident occurs.


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