Motion To Dismiss? Denied.

The at-fault party was trying to evade service. Our process server followed all of the rules for service, but the defendant lied and tried to say we didn’t. The defendant asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, but after my response brief and argument before the trial court, their motion was denied. The defendant appealed that court’s decision, and the appeals court upheld the lower court’s decision.

Motion to dismiss my client's lawsuit was denied

Going The Distance.

A man called to ask me if the few hundred dollars he was being offered was enough to compensate him for his loss. I asked a few questions and found out the accident had injured him so badly he needed two surgeries. The problem was he only had the at-fault driver’s name, and it was a common name, and no other information to locate him so a lawsuit could be served. We put a strategy in place that ultimately located the at-fault driver, and when we had served him with a copy of the lawsuit, the insurance company paid out its policy limits.

Settlement to Reach the Policy Limits