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Insurance Bad Faith

What is insurance bad faith?

Looking at the answer to the above question requires just a little bit of context. So bear with me.

When you sign a contract with your insurance company, contract law assumes a covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This simply means the parties involved agree to deal with each other honestly, fairly, and in good faith. In the insurance world, this would be honoring each claim with exactness and fair assessment.

That being said, a good definition of insurance bad faith is when an insurance company refuses to pay claims that are within their client's coverage or defines the ambiguous limit of coverage based on inaccurate data. Still confused? Consider the example scenario below.

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An example of insurance bad faith

Say you got into your car accident, and you’re using your own auto medical coverage - or your “PIP” insurance. You’re going to the doctor for treatment and all of a sudden your insurance company says, “You know, we think you should be okay by now so we’re going to stop paying for your medical care.” But you are far from being healed. So your doctor says, “Woah, wait a minute. She’s not done yet. She needs more medical care. She needs x, y, and z to fully recover from the accident.” But your insurance companies insist still that you are fine and no longer need coverage. They come in and say something like, “We have our own in-house doctor. We’ve shown him your records, and he says you’re done with treatment.”

Nevermind that their in-house medical consult has never seen or evaluated you, your insurance company still insists they have the medical authority to discontinue your medical coverage. But there are ways to fight against bad faith claims.

Protections against bad faith

There are many laws that govern contracts — for instance, your insurance plan/policy is a contract between you and your provider. Thus, when insurance companies do not honor rightful claims, they are committing bad faith. The best way to protect you when an insurance company has denied your claim is to hire an experienced bad faith claims attorney. I can help you with the following types of insurance cases:

  • Home & Renters’ Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Major Property Insurance

Insurance bad faith can occur with any type of insurance provider. That’s why it’s important you know what your policy covers and what to expect from your insurance company. I can help you determine the coverage stated in your insurance contract and evaluate your case for a bad faith claim.

Whether you have been in an accident, your property has suffered damage, or you aren’t receiving the coverage you paid for in any scenario, give me a call. I can help you recover what you have already paid for, and I can handle frustrating calls with your insurance company. Let me help. Reach out now.

Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Serving Seattle, Washington

Have you filed an insurance claim that your insurance company refuses to pay out? Is there not just cause or reason for your insurance claim to be denied? Do you agree you should receive the coverage you pay for? Give me a call today. I can help you get the coverage you paid for, whether part of a medical, home, car or other protection plans.