UIM – Uninsured Motorist Coverage

When a perspective client tells me they were hit by someone without insurance, I cringe.  Many drivers only buy liability auto insurance. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage is extra auto insurance.  It pays you if the person that hit you has no insurance.

Most insurers will add UIM Insurance onto your auto policy for about 5% of your total insurance cost. While the cost of UIM insurance is not huge the benefit it provides can be.  

Imagine getting hit by a car that has no insurance. Unless that driver is independently wealthy (and if they can’t pay for car insurance, that’s probably not the case), you are on your own. That means lost wages, medical bills, car damage, and other costs come out of your pocket.

UIM insurance is like carrying a spare tire. When one goes flat, you have a spare to cover your needs. The claim you would file with the at-fault driver’s insurance (if he had any) can be done with UIM instead.

It is a big benefit that costs very little.  If you have questions about claims against uninsured drivers, contact us today.


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